Regardless of how much we want to kill each other or literally try to at times, I love you with every pule that flows through me. Half the time, once it’s all said and done, I don’t even remember what we began fighting over. Think about it… We’ve created this life together. It’s been a year in the making and seeing all that we’ve conquered and all that we’re succeeded through, I can;t imagine going back. Not just for the that fact though. For the fact that I don’t believe I’ve ever felt such a true love with someone in my entire life. Sure, we may have thrown each other off a chair, of pushed each other around, or even held a butcher knife to the other. I honestly believe the realest loves make you the craziest. I can sure as hell tell you, no relationship I’ve had before has been this type of way. That doesn’t mean I’m saying it in a bad way though. I know, regardless of how pissed you may be, you love me. And I love you too. This love is so ridiculously insane that we don’t know where to begin handling it. If I’ve come to realize something about myself though, it’s that I don’t believe in giving up so easily. Especially when it comes to something I believe in. I believe in this, I believe in us, I believe in the love we share. No matter how bad our fights may be, I wouldn’t have it any other way with anyone else. Sure, maybe it’s not the healthiest of ways to get past the issues we need to work on, but it’s what we do. No one ever said it was the right way, but it’s just what happens. Fuck anyone who tries to act like know anything about us. They haven’t been here, for every single time we’ve kissed, or spilled our hearts out teach other, or punched each other in the face or said some messed up things to each other. Our friends, family, strangers at the bar are going to want to act like they know a single thing about us, when in reality, they don’t. Unless they’ve witness every single day, hour, minutes, second we’ve spent together… They don’t know shit. We know who we are and where we go wrong. Only we can fix that. Sure, we’ve screwed it up plenty of times, but every mistake we make leads to getting it right. I don’t know about you, but despite all the shit we’ve gone through, I have enough faith to believe that one day, maybe even soon; we’ll get it right. You know why? Because I love and care about you more than anything in the world, even my selfish, stubborn, lazy, annoying self. It takes a lot to admit that, but it doesn’t take a lot to admit that I want this to work. I want to do everything we can to make this last, because I know we can. 


Não tem essa de levar pro mal caminho, faz besteira quem quer. (ra)

Sydney Opera House by on Flickr.

I can’t wait until the trees start changing colors

Gorgeous (by eric_kelley)